Combat Order

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Whoever initiates the hostilities, goes first. Players and GM fight for the initiative, only one side can have it at a time. Whoever has the initiative can do their move, then pass it on to the next player, or for the GM, cycle through monsters, or make dungeon and GM moves.


When the GM has the initiative, the player who gets attacked must try to Defy Danger or it counts as a 6-. If multiple characters are attacked they all need to roll, everyone suffers consequences according to their roll but the highest roll determines the initiative.

  • On a 6- you suffer the consequences and the GM goes again.
  • On a 7-9 you avoid the attack, but the GM goes again, OR, take damage and take the initiative.
  • On a 10+ you avoid and the player (with the highest number) goes next.


When a player character has the initiative, they can attack or do another move, the result of which not only determines their success but also where the initiative goes next.

  • On a 6- you lose the initiative and the GM goes next.
  • On a 7-9 side effects happen, but you keep the initiative, OR, you achieve your goal but the GM goes next.
  • On a 10+ you do your thing and choose who’s next.


Monsters don’t always fight to the bitter end. Some loose the motivation to fight when they are scared, when they loose their weapon or armor, when they loose body parts (bad), when they are knocked around, or when their group mates die or flee. When a monster looses their motivation they try to flee or hide from danger.


  • takes only 1 motivation hit
  • flees when half are gone


  • takes up to 2 motivation hits
  • flees when only 10% left


  • immune to fear
  • never flee!

Combat Order

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