We fear them, because they call to us. So much like us, or how we hope to be: beautiful, passionate, and powerful. They are drawn to us for what they cannot be: warm, kind, and alive. These tormented souls can only hope, at most, to pass their dreadful curse along. Every time they feed they run the risk of passing along their torture to another and in each one lives the twisted seed of its creator. Vampires beget vampires. Suffering begets suffering. Do not be drawn in by their seduction or you may be given their gift—-a crown of shadows and the chains of eternal undying grief.

by Alexander Alexandrov

You must be bitten by a vampire. Until you kill someone by drinking their blood, you are only really thirsty but are not a true vampire.

Blood Thirst

When you feed on the blood of someone, roll +STR. The victim dies.

  • On a 10+ choose 3.
  • On a 7-9 choose 2.
  • On a miss choose 1 and you draw unwanted attention.

- You heal 1d8 HP
- You take +1 Forward
_ Your next attack does the best of two rolls for damage
_ The victim doesn’t die.

Now that you are a full vampire be sure to wear lots of sun screen. Ask your GM what you can and can not do now. (Go out during the day, eat garlic bread, wear color, avoid moving water, etc.)

Once you gain blood thirst the rest of these moves are open to you.

Children of the Night

When you use your powers to summon a swarm of bats, roll +CHA.

  • On a hit a swarm of large bats appears and attacks your foes. Choose 1 bonus.
  • On a 10+ choose 2. This move can normally only be done once per battle.

- They distract your foes, gain +1 forward
- They attack your foes, deal 1d6 damage
- There are even more bats in the area you can call. You may use this move again this battle.

Mist Form

When you take the form of fog or mist, roll +CON.

  • On a hit you can slip through anything that allows air through it (walls with cracks in it, windows, etc). You can not exert any force while in mist form and can not be harmed by conventional means. Once you arrive at your location you return to your solid form
  • On a 7-9 choose 1:
    • A strong breeze forces you someplace near where you wanted to go.
    • You draw unwanted attention.

Undead Strength

You have the strength of 10 men. You gain the Bend Bars, Lift Gates (from the Fighter playbook) move and you always treat your BB,LG roll as one step higher than it should be (Miss = 7-9 and a 7-9 = 10)

Unholy Resilience

You are near impossible to put down forever. Work with your GM to decide what is the one thing that can kill you. When you hit 0 HP you instead fall into torpor and appear to be a normal corpse. You will awaken a short time later, the GM telling you when, and you must try to drink the blood of the first person you see. If you are hit by the one thing that can kill you, you automatically die and fail your last breath roll, regardless of HP.

Quickened Death

You can cover short distances in the blink of an eye. When you move faster than humanly possible, roll +DEX.

  • On a hit you make it to your intended destination near instantly.
  • On a 7-9 choose 1:
    • You lose something important along the way
    • You draw unwanted attention
    • You are in a dangerous location

from Ramblings of Jacob and Delos by Delos


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