Custom Moves

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When you attack an opponent without a weapon, roll+Str. ● On a 10+ choose 3. ● On a 7-9 choose 1:

  • You knock you opponent off their feet
  • You deal 1xd4 damage
  • You bloody your opponent’s nose
  • You knock your opponent’s weapon out of their hand


When you try to resist a compelling urge from your alignment, trouble or a bond, roll+Wis. ● On a 10+ you manage to resist it and you can follow through with your plans. (Doing so 3 times forces you to change your alignment, trouble or the bond) ● On a 7-9 you resist but get a bad conscience, take -1 ongoing until you redeem yourself, or pay a fitting price.


When you chase down or try to catch someone, roll+Dex. ● On a 10+ you catch up with them. When trying to attack them or any other move that involves catching them, take +1. ● On a 7–9 you keep pace but something happens, choose 1:

  • The creatures call for help and get it, you’re now facing more of them.
  • You have to overcome an obstacle before trying again.
  • The fleeing creatures split up, decide which one to follow.

Order Hirelings

When you enter a dangerous area with hirelings, or start a session in a dangerous area with hirelings, roll+Cha. Take -1 for each hireling beyond the first. ● On a 10+, the hireling provides their Skill, and you owe them their Cost, take note of it. ● On a 7-9, the hireling provides their Skill only if you pay them their Cost first, including any owed.

Find Cover

When you try to find cover, roll+Wis. ● On a 10+ you find cover, take +2 armor as long as you stay there. ● On a 7–9 choose 1:

  • You only find partial cover, take only +1 armor
  • The cover is very flimsy and will be destroyed after the next attack
  • As long as you are in cover, take -1 on all attack moves

Custom Moves

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