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When you anchor for repairs and maintenance, you also make camp, level up, regain XP. You don’t need to consume your own rations as long as the ship has supplies. Your ship regains HP for half its Sturdiness. If you anchor at a friendly port, you can also recruit new crew members.

Recruit Crew

When you put out word that you’re looking to hire help, tell the GM how many people you are looking to hire and roll+Cha. • On a 10+, you can fill up your crew with capable people, pay 10 coins each. • On a 7–9, you’ll have to pay double or take half the crew members you aimed for, your choice.

Drinking Contest

When you take part in a drinking contest, roll+Con. • On a 10+, you drink everyone under the table. • On a 7-9, you either win, but pass out for the next few hours; or come second to a particularly obnoxious opponent (your choice). On a miss, you fail spectacularly and let slip a fact you really shouldn’t have.

Swim in the Ocean

When you fall or jump overboard and have to swim back to safety, roll+Con. • On a 10+ you reach your intended goal and only get wet. • On a 7-9 you struggle and have to choose one:

  • Drop an item with at least 1 weight
  • Grab the next plank floating by

Duties on Board

When you travel a route across the sea, you all need to take on a ship’s duty. All duties must be fulfilled, either by one of you, or by a capable officer still on board.

Crew Duty

When you boost the crew’s morale (spice up a meal, sing a nautical song) roll+Cha. • On a 10+, the crew have your back. • On a 7-9, most of the crew like you – but tell the GM which person you managed to annoy.

Chart a Course

When you chart a course, roll+Int. • On a 10+, you avoid a catastrophe and earn the captain’s respect. • On a 7-9, your route is safe enough but narrowly avoids an obvious danger.

Take the Helm

When you take the helm, roll+Dex+Ship. • On a 10+, it’s clear sky and blue seas. • On a 7-9, there’s trouble ahead, but you can give the crew enough time to react.

Take Watch

When you take watch in the crow’s nest, roll+Wis. Take +1 forward when acting on it. • On a 10+ ask the GM 3 questions. • On a 7-9, ask 1:

  • What is on the horizon?
  • What looks strange about the sky/ ocean?
  • Where’s the nearest body of land?

Set the Sails

When you set the sails, roll+Str+Crew. • On a 10+, you set the sails true and they catch the wind. • On a 7-9, the sails are fixed well enough, but might not hold up to heavy weather.

Ship Moves

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