When you willingly partake on the flesh of your own kind on the winter solstice, the next time you level up you may choose to gain this move:

Of Ice and Hunger

You can now take the form of a Wendigo; a horrific amalgamation of stag, bear, wolf and hunger. In this form you have the tags Forceful, Messy, Terrifying and ferocious claws (close, piercing +1). However from this point onwards whenever you are asked to mark off a ration, you must instead consume the flesh of a sentient creature. This is the only way you can gain sustenance in your new twisted existence.

by Robin Slee

When you have taken the above move, you may take any of the following moves instead of a move from your class when you level up:

Winter’s Child

Cold no longer has any physical effect on you, as the spirits of ice are now your brethren. You can see through snowstorms, sleet and fog as if it was the clearest of days. However now sunny and warm weather renders you uncomfortable.

Icy Daggers

When you commune with the spirits of ice and winter, roll +WIS.

  • On a 10+ you create several floating ice crystals (thrown, near, Elemental Ice, +2 piercing, 2 Ammo).
  • On a 7-9 choose 2:
    • You can only generate a small amount, gain only 1 Ammo worth.
    • They aren’t that sturdy and will melt soon; you have to move fast.
    • You have to pay tribute for the spirits’ help, take 1d4 damage (ignores armor).
    • You upset the spirits and they take their anger out on you; take -1 ongoing to WIS until you eat flesh.
    • The crystals came out the wrong shape; lose the piercing tag.

Passing Human

When you eat “normal food” that is not a part of your… actual diet, roll +CON.

  • On a 10+ you manage to choke it down and actually derive some nutritional value from it.
  • On a 7-9 choose 2:
    • You manage to get it down with out flinching, retching or grimacing.
    • You feel perfectly fine right after consuming it.
    • You suffer no weird or horrible side effects from digesting it.
  • On a 6- you regret even attempting this.

Chilling Appetite

When you Hack & Slash with the intent to devour your prey, add +1d6 damage.

Winter’s Touch

Requires Winter’s Child

You are an embodiment of winter itself, cold emanating from your very skin. Wherever you pass through in your journeys, snow will follow regardless of season or location. Your very touch can cause frostbite; your hands now have the tags Debilitating and Elemental Ice.

Death Move: Eternal Hunger

Even as everything else fades away it still remains; your hunger for flesh. Your icy brethren still scream for it. And neither of you are going to let something as irrelevant as death get in your way. When you die, join your brethren in mind and soul; become a truly monstrous spirit of winter. Where you die will always be marked by winter, and will forever be your domain. Before you lose yourself to the spirits’ undeniable appetite; name your first prey in
your new domain. Hunt. Rip. Tear. Devour. They never had a chance against what you’ve become, Wendigo.

from Grimworld by Hannah Forster (CC BY 3.0)


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